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Mick Guzauski reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Mix Engineer (Daft Punk, Eric Clapton,...)

9 Time Grammy Winner

"What I love about Marcel's mastering is he keeps the dynamics even though he makes things loud, he maintains the punch.  He adds EQ that is just right.  My mixes don't just come back sounding louder, but Marcel makes them better."

Bryant Siono reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Producer (Pop, R&B, Gospel)

"Marcel has a true gift for Mastering. Puts the right touch on my mixes. Really brings it to life and makes it sound like a record."

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Jordan Porter reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Mix Engineer (Rock, Pop, TV)

Owner of Humble House Studio

"Marcel has gone above and beyond to make sure my clients are completely satisfied.  From communication to quality, Marcel scores an excellent!  As you likely know, countless hours go into making a record so it is imperative to have someone at the final stage like Marcel who works in a very methodical and professional manner. He will always honor the organic nature of a song.  Mastering is not only about loudness, it is about making your song sonically sound the best it can.  Marcel has the gear and ear to keep me coming back!"

Brian Vibberts reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Mix Engineer (Michael Jackson, Chick Corea...)

6 Time Grammy Winner

“After spending many hours mixing a project, I need to send it to someone I trust for mastering! Marcel has been mastering singles and albums for me for a while now. I completely trust his judgement in making the songs sound even better. His mastering is clear, punchy, the vocal pops in the track, and his choices are musical. It is not only the outstanding gear he uses, but also the intelligent choices that he makes using his ears!”

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Matt Cerf reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Producer (EDM)

"A few years ago I decided to get all my music mastered by Marcel, and I haven't stopped since. Marcel always delivers the best masters for me, and just when you think it can't get better, it does. The combination of his gear, knowledge and quest for better products and techniques, creates a top notch sound that is not only the loudest, but also clear, detailed and pristine. I highly recommend it!"

Few Miles South reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Country Rock Band

"Marcel is the only master engineer we’ll ever use! He uses top notch gear and provides superior quality to  brings our mixes to life...not to mention he’s a cool dude!"

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Gilbert Jones reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Producer/Mixing (R&B/Conscious Music)

"Marcel James is the real deal. The warmth, clarity, and punch he is able to achieve out of a nicely balanced mix is impeccable. The vocals, and instruments shine in the highs, mid range, and lows. He adds a depth that is indescribable. He really brings the mix to life with that industry standard sound. Most of all, Marcel is a man of integrity, honesty, and humility. He takes great pride in his work for clients. Thanks for all you do Marcel!"

William Close reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Producer & Performer (Earth Harp creator)

“Marcel James is truly a master of mastering .. and sound in general. He has worked his magic on the sounds and music I create with the giant strings of the Earth Harp. He goes deep into the sound, understanding the complex beauty of the harmonics and how they relate to the overall timber and quality of sound. He is masterful and open minded in his work .”

Sara Mann reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Pop Artist

"I've worked with Marcel for a few years now and wouldn't trust anyone else with my music. He is talented, efficient and his ears are pristine. Thank you again, Marcel!"

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Ward Hake reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Composer, VP of Music at FOX Television

"Marcel, thank you thank you... You always know how to bring out a little extra life in my mixes!!" 

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Kelli Debbs reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Country Artist

"I had the best experience working with Marcel. it is not often that you get to work with someone with so much integrity and drive to make their work the best it can be. My tracks sound amazing. I am very proud of the finished product. I couldn't ask for anything more."

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Greg Critchley reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering 

Producer/Composer (Rock, TV)

"Marcel added a depth and focus to my production and mix of a song called "Dumb" that totally took it to that next level. I'm very happy with his mastering work, and love his discerning ears and positive energy. I'll be back :)"

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Ryan Critchfield reviewed Marcel James Mastering

Country Rock Artist

"Wow! My mixes came back sounding polished and professional. I've tried other "mastering plugins" but they didn't compare with what Marcel was able to do to my mix. I mix in the box and always struggle to get that "fat, analog" sound out of my stuff. Marcel made it happen. He's also a great guy! I look forward to doing more in the future! Thanks Marcel!!!!"

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Evan Moinvaziri reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering 

Producer (EDM)

"Marcel is the man! His mastering techniques and analog gear provide our tracks with a warm, wide and loud sound. You just can't get this from using computer plugins."

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 10.56.56
Andrew Lein reviewed
Marcel James Mastering

Producer (EDM)

"Marcel has the ability to make your tracks shine with great clarity, balance and volume. There is increased separation in my music now that was unattainable with plug ins. I will be bringing all my tracks to him and saying goodbye to mastering "in the box".

Daniel Stiller reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering

Producer (EDM)

Barnes and Heatcliff producer says "Takes my productions to the next level. Clean, Loud. Just amazing."
Carl Burnett reviewed 
Marcel James Mastering 

TV Composer 

"Thanks for the awesome work! The initial response from my client was "sounds like it's ready for the radio!"…perfect!"

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