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March 1, 2018


Marcel James masters Few Miles South ep for Blake English & Tori Lund

"Marcel is the only mastering engineer we'll ever use!  He uses top notch gear and provides superior quality to bring our mixes to life...not to mention he's a cool dude."  Few Miles South

April 22, 2018


Marcel James masters Fireball by Lesko Cerf

"My favorite mastering guy from across the world is always Marcel.  He keeps the tracks crystal clear and loud."  Matt Cerf


May 11, 2018


Dumb by J x Rose is released today.  Mastered by Marcel James

Marcel added a depth and focus to the mix of "Dumb"  that totally took it to that next level - I'm very happy with his work and I also love his discerning ears and positive energy" Greg Critchley

July 24, 2015


Marcel James masters the anthem for Lake Festival 2015 by Barnes & Heatcliff feat. NAJO

For the past year, Marcel James has been mastering all releases by Barnes & Heatcliff.  "Clean, Loud, Just Amazing"  Daniel Heatfliff

May 2, 2014


Marcel James mentioned in Wired for mastering William Close & The Earth Harp Collective


"Marcel James mastered the tracks that became Close’s most recent album, taking a wide array of dispersive sound waves and turning them into electronic pulses that can be piped through headphones."  Wired

June 13, 2014


Avenue One remix of Aly & Fila & Jaren's "For All Time" mastered by Marcel James

"We were able to hear all the layers of the production of the Avenue One remix, without compromise to the loudness - thanks to the fine job done by Marcel with this master."  Avenue One

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